4 Reasons It’s a Smart Idea to Remove That Distracting Tree Stump

Why It's Important to Remove Tree Stumps
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Many property owners who have dealt with a tree removal problem know it typically doesn’t end once the dead tree is taken down. After removal, you still have the problem of the remaining stump, which can often be a more difficult and costly process. When deciding if you should remove a tree stump, there are several pros and cons to consider. Many experts will agree that hiring a professional tree removal service will not only be beneficial to your surrounding landscape but also the safety of your property. If you’re wondering if tree stump removal is necessary, our expert arborists are sharing 4 reasons why it’s a smart idea to remove that distracting tree stump. 


Should I Remove a Tree Stump?

While certainly not necessary, it’s a smart idea to remove tree stumps. They do nothing to add to your property’s curb appeal and make mowing and other landscaping chores harder. If you’re tired of looking at that unsightly stump and ready to improve the appearance of your lawn, we’re sharing the dangers of not removing a tree stump. 


Tree stumps can be hazardous.

Leftover tree stumps on your lawn or landscape can pose a significant safety hazard to kids, guests, and your lawn equipment. A tree stump can become a liability if someone trips over it or runs it over in their car. Additionally, smaller stumps, if run over by a mower, can severely damage the machinery, costing you money. 


Tree stumps attract insects, invasive plants, and decay or disease.

Tree stumps can attract unwanted species, like insects and invasive plants, into your yard if not removed. Beetles, termites, ants, and fungi all call tree stumps home. Once infected, it will spread to other healthy trees in your yard. To keep the rest of your landscaping healthy, it’s best to remove the entire stump to prevent infestation, decay, and mold from spreading. 


Leftover tree roots can be disruptive to your property.

Just because a tree was removed, that doesn’t mean it’s dead. Occasionally, a leftover stump’s roots will continue growing, disrupting underground pipes, sidewalks, and even your building’s structure. These repairs are often pricey, sometimes costing more than a stump grinding service. It’s best to take care of your stump removal promptly to avoid further damage to your property. 


Tree stumps are unappealing. 

Aesthetically speaking, tree stumps aren’t the most appealing landscape feature. You also run the risk of driving your property value down the longer you leave the unsightly stump in place. If you’re considering selling your home, it’s best to remove the tree stump immediately so you don’t deter potential buyers from considering your home. 


If you’re still wondering if tree stump removal is necessary, consider contacting our team of arborists today. Our dedicated team goes wherever you find trees, providing high-quality care to both residential and commercial customers throughout Lebanon, Berks, and the surrounding counties. Whether you’re searching for 24/7 emergency tree service or a professional stump grinding near me, The Tree Service Pros can guarantee your family trees will always be cared for. 

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