About the Tree Service Pros

Who’s caring for your family tree? At The Tree Service Pros, we have been caring for trees and our customers for years. Our dedicated team of arborists goes wherever you find trees, providing quality care to both residential and commercial customers throughout Lebanon, Berks, and the surrounding counties. We recognize that your trees are an important outdoor feature on your property. With years of experience and expertise, our customers feel confident knowing their trees are in good hands. No matter the service, we aim to leave your property even more beautiful than before we started, providing high-quality work for a competitive and affordable price.


From heavy winds to rough rainfall, the outdoor elements can take a toll on our trees, either bringing them down completely or causing detrimental damage to their structure. When this happens, it puts our properties in danger of broken branches or the entire tree falling on top of our homes. Avoid this situation from happening altogether with us, your dependable tree removal company that puts you first every time. Here at The Tree Service Pros, we are the one-stop-solution for a plethora of services that not every tree removal company can guarantee. Our services include: 

tree removal

Tree Removal

tree maintenance

Stump Grinding

emergency tree services

Stump Grinding

stump grinding

Stump Grinding

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