Benefits to Removing Trees in the Winter

Winter is generally a time where outdoor tasks get pushed to the side or shelved until the warmer weather begins. It’s not uncommon for people to believe that tree maintenance is one of those tasks that can’t be completed during the winter. During the winter season, trees and shrubs become dormant. This means that your outdoor foliage knows when temperatures are going to drop, and they prepare for dry weather, freezing temperatures, and nutrient shortage. Instead of trying to grow, they stop growing to conserve energy until warmer weather hits. This makes winter the optimal time to remove a tree from your landscaping. If you’re wondering what the benefits are to winter tree removal, we’re explaining the most notable ones below.

Preparing Trees for Spring

Choosing to tackle tree care in the winter is an excellent idea. Not only can it help surrounding trees quickly recover in the spring with new growth but pruning dead branches and limbs in the winter can allow the tree to flourish and grow more fully once springtime rolls around. At Tree Service Pros, our team can cut down and remove any dead trees, as well as provide essential tree services, like trimming, to clear away dead branches or dangerous limbs. After completion, your trees will look better than ever before!

Managing Disease

Just like your trees and shrubs, many insects, fungi, parasites, and bacteria go dormant during the winter. Removing trees during this time can significantly reduce problems that can arise throughout the rest of the year. Cutting an infected or dead tree during the spring can accelerate the spread of disease into neighboring trees. Waiting until the colder weather arrives can reduce the chances of oak wilt, Dutch elm disease, fire blight, cedar hawthorn rust, and more. Your winter tree care should also include pruning, as trees do not have exposed, fresh cuts, which are more susceptible to pests and disease.

Easier Removal

Trees are dormant in the colder months, with little to no leaves, making your winter tree removal easier than ever. After all the leaves have fallen, the structure of the tree is easier to see. A tree removal expert can quickly evaluate which trees are healthy and determine which branches are dangerous or dead.

Reduced Potential Winter Damage

The winter not only brings the cold weather in Lebanon, Berks, and the surrounding counties, but also snow, wind, sleet, and ice. Any trees that are dying or dead can become a huge risk throughout the winter season. When a tree dies, its root system weakens, and it is no longer tightly rooted into the ground. This increases the chances of the tree falling over and causing significant damage during a blustery cold spell. Snow and ice can weigh down weak and brittle limbs, and if not removed prior, they can snap or blow completely off. Removing dead trees can keep you and your property safe.

At Tree Service Pros, we have been servicing Lebanon, Berks, and surrounding counties with essential tree services such as tree trimming, removal, regular maintenance, emergency trimming, tree stump removal, ground clearing, and more. Schedule a complimentary estimate with our team today and ensure your trees are ready for the spring!

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