How Removing Old Trees Can Increase Your Home’s Value

How to Increase Your Home's Value by Removing Trees
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If you’re looking to sell your home in today’s volatile housing market, you need to consider what you can do to maximize the value of your home. Interior and exterior home improvements, landscaping, and tree coverage can add significant value to your home and boost curb appeal. If done well, the latter can make any home look much more appealing. But poor or unmaintained trees can have the opposite effect. Trees are known to increase property value, but sometimes removing an old, dead tree can prove beneficial. Let’s look at how you can increase your home value by removing old trees from your landscaping. 


How to Increase Home Value

Not every tree is suitable for your property. Your trees should be healthy, maintained, and planted in appropriate areas. Dying, infested, or dead trees not only bring down property value but can also pose a threat to anyone who encounters them. Below, you will find some smart tips to help you decide if you need to remove a tree on your property.


Does Removing Trees Increase Property Value

When you decide to remove a tree from your property, it’s important to understand the effect it has on property value. While well-maintained trees add instant aesthetic allure and a boost in curb appeal, nearly dead or diseased need to be removed. It’s also important to remember that property value plays a large role in your homeowner insurance premiums. 

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