Important Questions to Ask Before Removing Mature Trees

What to Ask Before Removing Mature Trees
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Why do people remove trees? There are many different answers to this question. While some trees may pose a threat to you and your property, others can be unsightly or just in the way. Whatever your situation, there are several questions to ask before hiring a professional tree removal company for the job. Read on to learn when to cut down a tree and the best questions to ask an arborist. 


When to Cut Down a Tree

Is my tree healthy? Dead, old, and sick trees should be removed immediately, as they are hazardous to you and your home. But sometimes healthy trees need to be removed as well. Before you consider removing trees from your property, ask yourself these questions.  


Is the tree going to fall or posing a dangerous threat?

While dead or sick trees are more prone to falling, healthy trees that are tall and thin can also fall on their own. When a tree falls, it not only creates a threat to your home and property but also to neighboring lots. If your tall, healthy trees are leaning, it’s best to remove them ASAP to avoid any problems in the future. 


Is the tree causing structural damage or damage to the property?

Sometimes what’s growing underground can cause damage to your property. Tree roots often grow and spread in several directions, causing damage to underground pipes, your driveway, and even power lines. Cutting back the roots can solve this but will cause damage to your tree, so it’s best to have a professional remove the entire tree.    


Is the tree causing any problems with the neighbor’s property?

Many times, the trees on your property can grow too big and invade your neighbor’s property. Hanging branches can create twigs, leaves, and other debris that might fall onto your neighbor’s roof or property. If trimming back these intrusive branches does not solve the problem, it’s time to consider tree removal by a professional. 


Is removing the tree a good investment?

The big, mature trees that occupy your property might be beautiful to you, but if you put your home up for sale, would the buyers feel the same? Removing certain trees can drive up property value and boost curb appeal. Tree removal, especially for larger, more mature trees can be expensive, so speak with an experienced arborist when deciding. 


Does the tree inhibit the function of your home or the space it occupies? 

Many times, a tree can make navigation around your yard difficult. If your mature trees are occupying space and making it less livable, it’s time to consider a tree removal service. 


Is my tree healthy?

As we stated earlier, trees that are rotting, decaying, or sick with the disease should be removed as soon as possible. Connect with a professional tree removal service who can visit your home and assess the trees on your property. 

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