Why Winter Is the Best Season for Stump Grinding

Benefits of Stump Grinding in the Winter
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During the cold winter months, many gardeners, arborists, and landscapers pack up their tools and wait for the springtime before providing their services again. While winter might not be the best time to complete these exterior landscaping projects, it does present an ideal opportunity to remove unsightly stumps from your property. Today the experts at Tree Service Pros share some winter landscaping tips and why it’s the best time for stump grinding. 


Safety risk

Stumps create a safety risk any time of the year but can be particularly dangerous as the temperatures drop. Once concealed by snow, a stump will become nearly invisible to children who are playing or sledding, or cars that are coming and going. Stumps are a trip hazard and can lead to serious injury. 



There’s nothing more beautiful than a wintertime landscape filled with snow-covered trees and decorative shrubs. One way to instantly countermand your property’s beauty is by leaving the stump after tree removal. Leaving the stump behind makes your lawn look unattended, and it can even affect your property’s value.  


Less cleanup

When it comes time to remove a tree and its stump, branches and leaves tumble to the ground. By now, most of the leaves have fallen, so there will be a lot less cleanup. 


Prevent infestations

Insects and animals love to make your tree stump their new home, especially during the colder months. Unfortunately, they don’t stay in the stump and eventually could wind up infesting a healthy tree or into your home. One of the wisest winter landscaping tips is ridding your property of a stump to prevent invasive pests from making your lawn their new home. 


Safeguard surrounding plants

Stumps can attract new growth because the root system is still intact, offering nourishment for the new plant. Even after cutting down a tree, the roots sometimes spread twelve feet or more underground, preventing new growths from sprouting out of the soil. 


How to Remove Tree Stumps

Stump grinding and removal are two options to consider when it’s time to remove a tree. Stump removal is much more intrusive, while stump grinding is less intense. 


Stump Grinding – During grinding, your tree service specialist will use machinery to completely shred and grind down the stump into smaller wood chips. While this method is much more efficient than complete removal, grinding does leave the roots behind. The root system will eventually decay, but it can take over ten years to fully break down.


Stump Removal – When you choose stump removal, it involves removing the entire tree and its root system. This method is difficult, time-consuming, and involves heavy machinery. 


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